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Want a better foundation for cloud computing, this means that the need to successfully implement virtualization technology, the virtualization market has become increasingly mature, KaiWei, the main agent of the enterprise virtualization vmware series products, your entire company based on the application of several important operation, and reliable business technology can be very complicated and very expensive. For hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises, with the aid of VMware can make IT easier to manage and use, more reliable and cheaper. Our solution can also achieve the same effect, so you can focus on the business management and development.

Business continuity
If critical applications to a halt, and the business will be interrupted. For a long time, business continuity solution was very expensive and difficult to manage, many small businesses can't afford to. But shouldn't have done this now. VMware to provide reliable business continuity solutions to protect all of your virtualization application to avoid affected by the outage. If the operating system or server fails, the workload will be affected on the intact server restart immediately, without human intervention. You can also choose to use VMware Fault how to prevent data loss and minimize disruption due to a server failure. If the entire site, downtime can be place in failover automatically restart the virtual machine. VMware can also eliminate planned outages: when servers or storage hardware needs to be maintained, a running virtual machine can be migrated to other server, without a user or operation caused the interrupt.

Server consolidation
This means that can run on less hardware more applications. By using VMware virtualization, you can be in less of their physical machine integration application, and as a pooling resources to manage easily. Don't need to make any changes to the application. You can maintain the original high performance, and even the performance is improved to a higher level, and enjoy the benefits of value:
1. Each server utilization rate can be increased by 80%
2. The decrease in the number of servers to one over ten or less
3. Save capital and operating costs as much as 50% per year

If an application or operating system failure occurs, the problem can be completely isolated, will not affect any other workloads. If a server outage, the affected application will automatically restart on another server.

Desktop virtualization
Using the Horizon View, you can in the data center to the end user desktop virtualization and centralized, to help IT to simplify management, improve the desktop control of resources and improve the service level. Desktop virtualization within the data center operation and available for the user access from any location using a variety of equipment, so as to maximize the user mobility and flexibility in the workplace. Horizon beyond the reach of the View can realize traditional PC solutions, at the same time can reduce the total cost of ownership of the desktop as much as 50%.
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